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Goals & Objectives

Wholechild Goals & Objectives

Physical Development
To provide an environment that fosters growth in gross and fine motor development at developmentally age appropriate levels for each child.

Gross Motor

  • Develop balance and spatial relationships
  • Develop coordination skills
  • Develop confidence and skills with playground equipment
  • Develop eye hand coordination

Fine Motor

  • Develop skills in using classroom tools
  • Develop success with dressing skills
  • Develop eye hand coordination
  • Develop concentration
  • Complete cycle of activity

Intellectual Development
To provide an environment that fosters growth in language, math, science sensorial skills and geography at developmentally age appropriate levels for each child.

Objectives for developing math process skills
problem solving and thinking; develop math vocabulary, understand mathematical concepts and processes, recognition of symbols and quantities, exposure to geometry: concept and vocabulary.

Objectives for developing language skills
pre-reading skills and reading skills: develop and expand vocabulary, exposure to language/reading/pre-reading concepts and their application and an exposure to phonics (preschool and up) as well as pre-school age developing motor sills for pre-writing and printing.

Objectives for developing sensorial skills
develop understanding of size, shape, color, and texture; expose to vocabulary to describe sensorial concepts; develop awareness of ones environment and materials in their surroundings.
Objectives for developing creative thinking and problem solving skills: design of environment; develop opportunities for problem solving situations.

Social Development
To provide an opportunity for each child to develop positive growth in relationship with peers, adults and the environment, and to assist each child to progress through five stages of play.

  • Skills in cooperation, taking turns, listening and group skills
  • Skills in problem solving within inter-relationships
  • Skills in effective communication
  • Role playing/dramatic play skills
  • Skills in respect: for self, environment and others

Emotional Development
To provide an environment that fosters an opportunity for growth in self-esteem.

  • Develop a safe, secure and predictable environment
  • Provide a warm, nurturing atmosphere
  • Provide opportunities for children to experience many successes
  • Validate and respect feelings of others
  • Develop an environment where a positive self-concept is nurtured