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Wholechild Operations

Days and Hours of Operation

The center is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


There is a $75 registration fee every fall for each family for all programs. A $50 summer registration fee is collected and (not for toddlers) and is used toward activity fee for our summer camps. Each additional child from the same family receives a 10% discount on the older child’s tuition. We staff our center and order supplies based on enrollment, we are unable to offer refunds or discounts due to a child’s absence. Full tuition is required for all days your child does not attend including family vacations and holidays the center is not open. WE DO NOT BILL YOU, you are responsible for paying your tuition as agreed on your tuition contract. Please pay your tuition regularly, this allows us to pay our bills regularly.

Grievance Policy

If any parent, guardian, or custodian has any concern regarding a child or the services we provide, he/she may verbally communicate with the staff directly involved to resolve the problem. The staff will try to resolve it within two weeks. If it is not satisfactorily resolved then refer to the Director (Helen). Helen will try to resolve it within two weeks.

Parent Evaluation

We will submit surveys to parents at various times during the year. We will review the information as a staff and use your feedback to make improvements. Your opinions are important and necessary for the development of our program.

Registration Policy

1. Completion of the registration form, immunization record and emergency cards (two)
2. Completion of the Health Care Summary by a doctor within 30 days of enrollment. If the Health Care Summary is not submitted by the 30th day, the child will be excluded until it is submitted.
3. Completion of all permission forms.
4. A registration fee and first month/weeks deposit.
5. Each child must have a physical exam within the last year of enrollment.
6. Meet with Director: Preadmittance Conference including, but not limited to tour, introduction to staff, receive parent policies and find out needs of family (personal and/or cultural) and general intake

Admittance Policy

1. Children currently enrolled who wish to increase their hours of attendance.
2. Siblings from families already enrolled.
3. Children accepted according to the date of registration.
Whole Child reserves the right to contact previous care providers for references.

Demittance Policy

We require a minimum three-week notice for withdrawal from Whole Child.

Whole Child reserves the right to terminate services for the following reasons:
1. Non payment of tuition
2. After 3 warnings for non-compliance of policies
3. Behavior of the child that is injurious to the mental and physical well being of the other children in the program.
Note: If a child has behavior that could endanger them-self or others and requires one-to-one care, the parent will be notified and the child will be dropped immediately. Safety is our primary responsibility, and if we cannot maintain it in our environment, then we need to make immediate changes. In less dangerous situations, we will give written notice to the parent(s) after 3 warning notices and the child will be dropped within two weeks.