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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Wholechild is a center in which experiences will be provided which will consider the “whole child”. Our philosophy consists of six areas of development:

Emotional Development

Develop self-esteem, self-control, and self-discipline. Foster desirable ways to cope with aggression.

Social Development

Develop skills in sharing, empathy, helping, respect for the rights of others, cooperation, compromise and learning the value of friendship. Develop grace and courtesy in socially related experiences.

Physical Development

Foster the development of large and fine motor abilities and foster the value of sensory experiences as well as opportunity to experience and develop practical life skills.

Creative Development

Foster creativity by means of self-expressive materials, creativity, play and thought.

Spiritual Development

Develop an understanding of how “special” and unique we each are, as well as foster the value of respect for others and the world around them.

Cognitive Development

Develop language and mathematical skills, mental ability, as well as learning about the world in which they live.