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Program Plan

Program Plan

The children will have supervision at all times

Proper supervision occurs when staff are within sight and sound and are involved in the direct implementation of the Child Care Program Plan, interacting with the children and ready to intervene. The exception to this would be on field trips when male staff is not available to supervise the school age boys in the restroom/shower/locker areas during field trips.

School age parents are also aware that the school-aged children use the restrooms on site without a staff person present.

The staff is aware of where the children are at all times, have check points and are waiting for their return.

Staff can explain specific arrangements for particular field trips sites.

School-age children who are bused are supervised at pick up times.

Parents need to put these arrangements in writing and they will be placed in the child’s file.

We also have special needs where school age children need to have their “own space” as requested by the parents.

The center will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and will operate Monday through Friday.

A licensed/qualified teacher on staff develops this Program Plan. A qualified teacher will also review it in writing annually.